Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast

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Submitted: 10th Jul 2011
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Water fight!

One of the best things about the Summer is a good ol' water fight; no one, young or old, can help themselves in giving somebody else a satisfying soaking.

With these Nerf Super Soakers you can give in to your water fighting urges with 4 Super Soakers to choose from. The Scatter Blast Super Soaker is the last 'weapon' you want to face in a water fight. Shooting 5 jets of water in 1 stroke of fire, you will get super drenched as the Scatter Blast Soaker 'scatters' water - if you are the target of this one you will have no chance to avoid a super drenching! The Scatter Blast Soaker includes a viewfinder and a rail to perfect your aim. Pump the handle to enable the motor to give you the best in shooting results, allowing you to shoot water up to 25 feet away.

Make sure you arm yourself with the correct 'weapon' but avoid getting hit by a fellow Nerf Soaker, or you will get drenched! It's not called 'Super' Soaker for nothing!


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Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast Reviews
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Submitted: 10th Jul 11

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